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How do I create a form field that cross-references a database or excel sheet to confirm on deny the entry?


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Hey guys I am looking to build a form that users will have to fill out. Should the one field not match the input of my excel file then they will be prompted to try again. Something like "The information you have entered does not match our records."



1. User is given a device with a MAC address

2. They have to register their device by filling out their personal information as well as the MAC address displayed on the box.

3. Two outcomes. If the MAC address matches my excel / google sheets file the registration is complete. If not then they are prompted to fill out the field again.


Of course I understand I might need a third party service as well as html and css, but any guidance on achieving this system would be helpful.


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Did you ever get guidance on this?  I am looking to do a similar thing where they need to submit a form back after purchase, but have been struggling with it.  Thanks!


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