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CSS code for centering logo in the header?


Site URL: https://voaki.com


posted this in the design section, but actually it's more of a coding question, so I'll post it here (sorry for double posting, I just thought I'd try this already in a couple of hours so hoping to get an answer in the correct place 😉

Any way to make the header logo centered using CSS? In the mobile it's centered, but not on desktop. Also would be nice to make it bigger (I'm guessing this is probably done in the style section, need to try there...). I'm using 7.0 version.

Thanks for everyone 🙂

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Did you get this figured out?

Free Squarespace 7.1 Anchor Link and Accordion Plugins available here!

If I replied to one of your questions with code, it was either CSS or jQuery.

To add CSS, go to Design -> Custom CSS

jQuery needs some additional steps. Head here: https://code.jquery.com/ and click on minified, under jQuery 3.x and copy that code into Squarespace.

After you put that code into the code injection section in Squarespace, you can add the code I supplied. The code from me will need <script> added before it and </script> added after it (only for jQuery).

There are two places that you can add the code, one is site wide (adds to all pages). Settings -> Advanced -> Code Injection

The other is for a specific page (adds to one page only). Pages -> Gear Icon next to the page -> Advanced

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