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  1. Site URL: https://voaki.com Hi, posted this in the design section, but actually it's more of a coding question, so I'll post it here (sorry for double posting, I just thought I'd try this already in a couple of hours so hoping to get an answer in the correct place 😉 Any way to make the header logo centered using CSS? In the mobile it's centered, but not on desktop. Also would be nice to make it bigger (I'm guessing this is probably done in the style section, need to try there...). I'm using 7.0 version. Thanks for everyone 🙂
  2. But from another (duplicated) website? Apparently according to customer service the whole site itself is not possible to move with the 7.0 version. But even moving separate pages from there would be helpful. How, if it's possible?
  3. Site URL: https://voaki.com I just started using my website, and the loading speed of it is not good - according to GTmetrix the site has a bad JavaScript slowing down problem. I don't understand why. I used to have a countdown counter on the site, but I even removed that and it didn't have any effect. Now I don't have any custom Javascript there (or not sure if Google Analytics, Facebook pixel or the CrazyEgg heat maps are in Javascript? Could someone help me interpret this instruction on Javascript slowing down the site from GTmetrix: https://gtmetrix.com/defer-loading-of-javascript.h
  4. I tried duplicating the site - according to SS instructions it should copy the site in the unlinked section - it did not do that... I just see the new site in the navigation... how could I have also that under the same URL for A/B testing?
  5. Yes that's what I'd like to do, sorry I didn't maybe express myself clearly. But how? Would I need to pay for the other page? Or would I make it voaki.com/2 or something? In that case ppl would see the other landing page if they later type in just the root URL though...
  6. Site URL: https://voaki.com I just started advertising my site, but already from spending a few euros on testing I can see it's not converting e-mail subscriptions very well. I guess it's cause you need to scroll down for the call to action button. So I'm wondering how I could duplicate the site? I see the 'duplicate' function in the navigation, but where would I place the site? Would I need to pay for a second site or could I just make place the second site unlinked or something? If possible, I would want to use my current custom URL for both, but what comes after it wouldn't matter...
  7. Ok, I used CSS to prevent hyphenation of words, but I'm wondering if there's also code to prevent the site to leave 'a / an' on a row alone? Looks wrong!
  8. My countdown counter is messing up my font size. My coding skills are limited, but if I interpret the code right, I think there's CSS inside javascript, and the CSS makes the counter number size as 40 px. It does however seem to be messing up with the fonts that follow. How could I make it more selective so that it would only be applied to the counter number font size? (This snippet: p { text-align: center; font-size: 40px; margin-top: 0px; }) Thanks in advance for any input. // Set the date we're counting down to var countDownDate = new Date("Aug 21, 2020 00:00:00").getTime(); //
  9. Ok I'll send as a message as the site is not yet public.
  10. Hi, site not yet published, a few things to fix before launch, but I can send link + password 😉 I'll send you a message.
  11. There seems to be a bug in my text block. I can't make text smaller, eventhough the same css text style appears fine on my privacy policy page. Text block won't allow to make changes in the font size (btw I can't even find where to change the header etc. sizes, so even that info might help - is it possible to make a new one like that your self?). According to customer service "there seems to be an issue" with my text block. They sais usually duplicating the page would solve this. But apparently neither sections or index pages cannot be duplicated, and this is a section on the index page.
  12. Hi people, I'd like to ask about a padding issue under my logo (see photo, site not yet published). Apparently the block makes it so that there's 17 px space below the logo, but only 10 above. I would like it to be in the middle (preferably the bottom space removed). According to customer service this apparently is only possible using custom CSS. I have limited coding skills, but if I see CSS somewhere, I might be able to deduct something... but I can't even find where the CSS for this part is. I'm using a template from the Brine family (Hyde) and version 7.0 if it makes a difference. Any
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