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When you interview a distant guest, what do you think are the best audio options? Zoom? Phone? Something else?

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Hello! Considering our recent times, I've had to transition all of my podcast interviews from in-person to over the phone conversations. While my audio sounds great using my Shure microphone plugged into a Zoom H6, the guest's audio is often poor (using over the phone...which is plugged into my H6, as well). What do you think is the best option for recording the guest? Do you instruct your guests to connect on Zoom but the require the use of headphones (a particular type, perhaps)? Do you rely on a wifi enabled phone call? Any tricks and technology suggestions are appreciated!


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I just started a trial with squadcast. How do you think it compares with cleanfeed.net?

I am recording my first interview using Squadcast tomorrow. Will report back. Have used Audacity to edit and mix episodes with just me/myself and I ๐Ÿ™‚ย - SquadCast looks promising for interviews.

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