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About This Club

Squarespace users that have podcasts or produce podcasts for clients.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. I am recording my first interview using Squadcast tomorrow. Will report back. Have used Audacity to edit and mix episodes with just me/myself and I 🙂 - SquadCast looks promising for interviews.
  3. I signed up for SquadCast. Looks straightforward and I am recording my first interview tomorrow - one guest, but there is an option for one more. The audio clips are separate for each person and I will then edit and mix them down on Audacity. I will report back on SquadCast after I do the interview. My podcast is Sane Split. Hope this helps.
  4. ...I am aware I spelled "advice" wrong. Please don't hold it against me!
  5. Hey podcasters! I'm helping launch a podcast (after I helped the company build their site on Squarespace) and I’m trying to figure out the best way for them to record, host, and distribute. There will be two hosts and a guest recording remotely every episode. I just want to make sure they’re on a system that can reliably record without connection issues (on separate tracks so I can adjust the levels) and the best way to distribute episodes to the major platforms. I’ve been looking into anchor, zencaster, and cleanfeed among others. One option looks to be host the episodes on Sqsp (and they have a direct sync with Apple Podcast) and then you can upload an RSS feed and manage each platform separately. Has anyone gone this route? If anyone has any advice it’d be much appreciated!
  6. I've also transitioned from in-person sessions to using Squadcast cast. My experience has been good thus far. I'm still trying to figure if using the noise cancellation feature is better to use or not. @Michael Moody Fitness what are you thoughts on it?
  7. I am a professional podcast producer with a background in audio engineering and am working on quite a few podcasts at the moment. Here are 3 of my favorites that I’ll highlight for you to explore: http://bookmarketingsimplified.com http://thephotountaken.com http://2bobs.com My website is http://meonlylouder.com If you have any audio questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m on a mission to help podcasts sound better. 🙂
  8. Hello! Considering our recent times, I've had to transition all of my podcast interviews from in-person to over the phone conversations. While my audio sounds great using my Shure microphone plugged into a Zoom H6, the guest's audio is often poor (using over the phone...which is plugged into my H6, as well). What do you think is the best option for recording the guest? Do you instruct your guests to connect on Zoom but the require the use of headphones (a particular type, perhaps)? Do you rely on a wifi enabled phone call? Any tricks and technology suggestions are appreciated! Michael The Elements of Being Podcast http://www.michaelmoodyfitness.com/the-elements-of-being-podcast
  9. Looks like my list of podcasts just got longer! A lot of interesting and inspiring episodes to check out! In my podcast, "The Elements of Being," I examine the mental and emotional narratives and processes that have steered writers, filmmakers, psychologists, and industry icons down their paths in life. Each episode is also a glimpse into the trends and patterns of human behavior and the underlying influences that navigate us into different directions. Guests share insights, thought-provoking lessons, the nuances of creativity, and the elements of being….us. In episode #1, you’ll hear about one woman’s experience searching for her path and how it led to award-winning documentaries. Documentary filmmaker Dana Michelle Cook made a career shift when she realized reality TV wasn’t aligned with her authentic self and purpose. Also, check out later episodes with author Jason Rosenthal, psychologist Dr. Robyn Pashby, best-selling author Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and champion of social justice Jahmal Cole, too.
  10. Thank you, Sam! Just registered and looking forward to the 28th!
  11. I run a podcast called A Deeper South, a history and storytelling show based on 20+ plus years of traveling the backroads of the Deep South in search of the stories that shape us more than we thought. "The vision of A Deeper South is rooted in the idea that the spiritual, political, and cultural health of a nation, region, city, town, or person depends upon an honest and unflinching memory; that the gravest danger to our cities and ourselves is a willful amnesia; that hope is to be found through the work of active remembrance, putting back together the fragments of personhood scattered by a culture of selective memory."
  12. I've recently worked on the artwork for two podcasts: Live the Light of Yoga and Things That Will Help. Both are insightful for anyone interested in incorporating yoga and mindful living into their daily life!
  13. Hey everyone, glad to be here. I hope everyone is doing well. The show I produce is called We Are Crayons - The Podcast. It features Creative Thinkers and Makers from Trinidad & Tobago.
  14. Hello Podcasters I have created a limited number of FREE VIP tickets for members of this club. Please register for the event if you are interested. https://podcastfestival.live/squarespace-vip-ticket Thanks Sam
  15. Hello I am a radio presenter (in the UK), a podcaster and run an online podcast festival. I have been doing so for over 2 years. My business and technology podcast website is https://samtalks.technology and my podcast festival - 28th May - https://podcastfestival.live
  16. We have a new fictional podcast called The Radiograph. Every episode is an original (and unusual) short play inspired by the city of LA. A variety of writers, actors, musicians, directors, and editors will be contributing, so there will always be something new and different.
  17. My podcast is called NKK SERVICES PODCAST. It's for administrative assistants. It's a work in progress. I am learning as I go. The struggle is real LOL. www.nkkservicespodcast.com I would recommend Ep3. I am not 100% sure I even know what I am doing but...the journey through learning has been a blast!
  18. Hey! Cool. I have a podcast in spanish called LYNCH podcast. It features film directors, writers, producers and actors.
  19. Hi all! I run a creative podcast called Storytelling through my publishing company! It features writers and the online blog version also showcases photographers and videographers! Would definitely love to hear what everyone else is working on!
  20. I have a podcast called Casual Talk! It's basically the conversation that you want to be having at a party. My favorite episode is Episode Two with Matthew Scott Montgomery.
  21. Hey all! What podcasts are you currently creating/producing. Feel free to link to the site/recommend a specific episode!

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