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  1. This issue is definitely not solved! After an hour and a half I finally got an email response to my issue initiated via chat saying that it has been escalated to "senior support" along with the following disturbing message: Is this what we can expect from support on such issues moving forward?! Also, "all you need is love and a cat?" Not a helpful signature for support. I noticed that for Hover domains, instead of forcing me to push forward with the nameserver change, it just offers a "Continue" button which opens the domain settings page with the DNS recording information and zero instructions on creating them. How did this UI change get pushed out live to us?! The old one where we could select our domain provider or choose "manually" was so much better! I am supremely disappointed and expect better from Squarespace. So I'm being forced to use Squarespace's nameservers, which I am not happy with. I'm having to wait until after hours. This whole thing has cost me tons of valuable time and is making my long day even longer. I would love to speak to someone at Squarespace who actually gives a damn about us website designers pushing their service and making them money. Did any of you even speak to real world users of the domain connection pane in developing this new UI?
  2. Apparently Squarespace no longer gives this option for GoDaddy domains! And they haven't updated the support documentation to reflect the new ridiculous change forcing us to use Squarespace's nameservers. I'm trying to finish a migration of a client's website from 7.0 to 7.1 and disconnected the old site expecting to just be able to manually change the verify.squarespace.com CNAME record like I can for EVERY OTHER domain registrar I use. Squarespace staff, this change is absolutely terrible and you must provide an option when we enter a domain registered with GoDaddy to continue to manage DNS records from GoDaddy's interface and not force us to change the nameservers. Changing nameservers to a domain that is already in use by an organization for email and other services is much more disruptive to their business than changing a CNAME record! Please consult with those of us in the trenches before doing bone-headed service UI changes like this! You're not just wasting my valuable time and pissing me off unnecessarily. You're making you AND me look bad to my clients and their customers/audience! I expect much better from Squarespace after using you to build close to 100 websites. This is absolutely unacceptible.
  3. I am a professional podcast producer with a background in audio engineering and am working on quite a few podcasts at the moment. Here are 3 of my favorites that I’ll highlight for you to explore: http://bookmarketingsimplified.com http://thephotountaken.com http://2bobs.com My website is http://meonlylouder.com If you have any audio questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m on a mission to help podcasts sound better. 🙂
  4. Erin,

    I just submitted an updated profile using the Google Form for being added to the Authorized Trainer public directory. I am already on there under my other business, but have spun off my website work under a new brand and website. Please remove my Mixtus Media listing (which is now focused on my wife's marketing work), and replace it with what I just submitted under my new user address, marcus@meonlylouder.com (which I recently changed from marcus@mixtus.me).

    Also, most of my work these days is producing podcasts (audio is my first passion), so if Squarespace would like me to offer any tutorials on podcasting for the community or prospective customers, I'd be happy to do so. I'm launching a new series of workshops (and eventually an online community) called the Podcast Audio Lab (http://www.podcastaudiolab.com). I would love to have Squarespace as a partner if it would be beneficial to you in any way.

    You can learn more about what I can help with on my Insights page (https://www.meonlylouder.com/insights). I'm currently working on more short videos for beginners, as well as my own "Me Only Louder" podcast...

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I've built more than 70 Squarespace websites for friends and clients at this point. 🙂


    Marcus dePaula

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