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Removing the logo on all pages EXCEPT the homepage

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Site URL: https://www.peripheralviewproductions.com

I've tried everything I could find for injecting code for 'display: none' to 'visibility: hidden' etc., but I need a code injection that will allow me to remove the logo from all of my main navigation pages EXCEPT for my home page.  I've purposely displayed my logo big and bold on the homepage, while the uniformity of this boldness on all the subsequent pages is distracting.  

I prefer to use the ADVANCE option on each page header code injection because locating the information in the inspect elements page is not simple at all, IMO.  

I've tried:
.Header-branding { display: none }

and it works, but it does this weird thing where i have to refresh the browser to see the removal after visiting the site (and this isn't a cache thing, because I had a friend use a clean cache and had the same issue), and despite the fact that I've placed the code only on the pages I want the logo removed (all pages but the homepage), then the logo disappears on the homepage as well.  

Please advise!

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7 hours ago, jenartsquare said:

Tuanphan, how can I lessen the container around my logo?  I have my logo enlarged on purpose, but the container in which it exists makes the space between it and the tagline and copy below very large.  Can I lessen that space?  Again, on the https://www.peripheralviewproductions.com site.  Thank you for all your help!

Add to Home > Design > Custom CSS

.homepage main.Index {
    padding-top: 0 !important;


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