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  1. Hello, I have a client who doesn't want people to be able to visit the built-in domain of the site for optics reasons/keeping things looking more professional. I'm trying to redirect the built-in domain to the domain through URL mapping but I don't think it is working. Is this even possible? Trying the following: https://www.ecelaw.squarespace.com -> www.ecelaw.ca 301 Thanks, everyone! Ryan
  2. Submitted a ticket for this feature. Hope everyone else has done the same. We sell plants that are exempt from taxes but we need to charge taxes on the shipping. Disappointing this doesn't exist as a feature. If you're reading this and are unhappy, please take a moment to submit a ticket. Thanks so much.
  3. The header logo doesn't seem to be hiding on my page when I try the above code. Does this work for anyone else on 7.1? Thanks so much!
  4. Posting to see if anyone has any solution for this. While on mobile, carousel images are reanimating with every tiny scroll on mobile. It looks so wonky. Thanks, all!
  5. Commenting on this post in the hopes that there will be an answer in the future. Have a prospective client who wants to sell event tickets through Squarespace but the confirmation code (qr scan) is something that they are asking about. On shoestring budgets and resources, it would be great if Squarespace could add this to their product commerce platform.
  6. @YZBrad, did you have any luck using SF Digital's Datepicker plugin? I'm considering using it to sell plants to offer pickup/delivery dates. Thanks!
  7. Hi @codeandtonic, Checking to see if you have made a date picker plugin for Squarespace products yet? I see that SF.Digital has one but I wanted to check to see if you had one before I explore theirs further. Thanks! Ryan
  8. Yes, @tuanphan, Still requiring help on this one. Not sure where to add the Youtube links. Any help is greatly appreciated. Website is https://www.mezzafranchise.com/success-stories-1. I know how to change the thumbnail images but I'm not aware of how to add the Youtube videos from the businesses Youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyapHP1cAjbPMnZrzfHq5Jw/videos Thanks for any info you might be able to provide. Ryan
  9. Hi @viccismarshall, Do you have an example of the Advanced Map you made? I am looking into the plugin for the same reason (links within). I'd love to see an example from a customer before I become one myself. Thanks so much! Ryan
  10. It would be ideal if the Youtube videos could open in a lightbox but at this point, I'll take what I can get. Looking forward to adding the Youtube links once I find out where the go. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks. You are amazing, @tuanphan! I know to replace the images, I add my own thumbnail image links but where would I put each hyperlink to my Youtube videos in the code? Thanks so much. Can't wait to get this installed!
  12. I'd be interested in editing code block for a proper video carousel. Any option other than just stacking videos would be helpful. Preferably a slider arrow option or the codepen Netflix version: https://codepen.io/joshhunt/pen/LVQZRa
  13. Wondering the same. Can't seem to get one of the free widgets working from @tuanphan's list they generously provided. Specifically looking to implement the Netflix style carousel for videos for a website I'm working on.
  14. Has anyone heard when or if Squarespace's E-commerce will be offering Calculated Carrier Shipping Rates via Canada Post? That would be so incredibly handy instead of switching providers or manually calculating the fees to ship. Here's hoping!
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