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My OLD Website still appears when my new website is live

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Hey, I created a new website and on my iPhone I can already see the new Squarespace website. The friends I've asked so far also see the new site but on my MacBook I still see my old website I had before moving to Squarespace. I tried to clear the cache and cookies but the problem still occurs on Safari and Chrome.

What else can I try to solve the problem?

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Hi there,

It can take up to 72 hours for your website to fully switch over. Clearing your cache won’t speed anything up because it’s the cache on servers such  as those of ISPs. Once those caches have been fully updated then people will be redirected to your new website but it will take some time. 


If you see an answer that was helpful please consider hitting the 121238226_Screenshot2019-11-02at14_53_39.png.0416997a5e856e0159fa1edbd624659e.png button on the right. 

Need help with your website or online store? Feel free to get in touch.


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