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Can I create a six-email drip campaign triggered by a purchase?

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I'm trying to create an online course with a series of email reminders to watch new lessons, each week.

The idea is that someone makes a purchase on my squarespace site, they immediately receive a welcome email, then automatically, each week following they receive a new email with new content.

I've been using Mailchimp for email marketing, but it looks to me that it doesn't integrate in this way (only passing info via newsletter signup or form block).

Can Squarespace send up to six, automated emails in one series, and would anyone recommend this? I can't find the information anywhere.

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I am trying to do this same thing. Did you ever find a solution? In all my research it seems impossible? Which I find hard to believe. If you solved this, I'd love to hear how!

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Drip campaigns are definitely possible, you just need to create an automation, select the trigger and then when you would like it to send. The only real limit is that you can only send them up to 60 days after the trigger is activated.


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