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I am trying to create a list of subjects with information after a colon for each subject, and want to have all the information line up afterward.

Something along the lines of this (but with the information spaced farther out and lining up):

Colour: Yellow

Shape: Crescent

Texture: Soft

Type: Fruit

I know in various programs the tab button is usually used to do this, however, it doesn't have this function in the site editor.

I managed to get a good attempt using separate text boxes, one for the subject and the other for the information, but with this method, it does not line up or work properly when on phone or tablet view.

Here is an example of the separate textbox method.

alt text Desktop View

alt text Tablet View



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A table will allow you to format the data how you want it. Squarespace doesn't have a Table Block so you'll need to add the HTML manually using a Code or Markdown Block. You'll find several sites online that will help you create this. You'll also need some CSS if you want to keep it responsive on devices will smaller screens.

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