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  1. Hi @Rammyhmmm, I can't get this to work. Is it because im setting it up in an index page? What template are you using? I'm using Marquee
  2. Hi therewould anyone on this post know how to add a search block to the Hayden header? I've tried all the codes above and nothing is working. If someone could help me out, that would be great.
  3. hi emfawcett - did you figure this out? I've got the same problem.
  4. Hey Rowzi86 thanks for the PDF. Very generous of you. I’m assuming you put the HTML code into ‘</> code’ in the ’More’ section? What I am after is to create an image rollover in a summary block. I’ve got a list of products that I have imported into a Summary Block. I need these images to have a rollover. Would you have any ideas about how to do this? Thanks
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