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Soren Madsen

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  1. Great post - exited to try it out in my scholarship service gallery - and I will keep you posted! By the way, you are absolutely right. I have come across hundreds of hundreds of requests on this subjects. I thought I was an artist, businessman etc., but suddenly I found myself coding simply because I want to display image titles in my grid gallery to show my work. Here is another person who really get to the heart of the matter with her page: Whitney Oldenburg
  2. Experts! Could you check my page and tell me if I have placed Google Adwords tracking tag code correct? www.fundraising.how/dan-thank-you-sogetjeneste People only land here, once they have completed the legatsøgetjeneste offer form, which is the action I will want to track. 1: http://legatsøgetjeneste - thank you page
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