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  1. Nice Chinese site BTW, wish you had Chinese URLs as well. Would look good. Don't thin SQS supports that
  2. I must second @deannadenhamhere, and submit a thanks to Paul for this answer. However motivates you to post on SQS, may it continue. This answer was extremely useful Even applicable for blog post drafts! Just bring that shift button down and hold it, and mark the items you want to move around. Happy that SQS added a feature of logic and use (probably after 100 mio requests)
  3. I have had many converations with SQS during 2021. Backup is not supported. And when your site grow, and you therefore may need it the most, you can no longer duplicate your site +100 pages, which is a workaround. In my experience having had a website at SQS for 6 years, SQS launch things 2-3 years after they have been mandatory for website owners. As an example • commerce (came way too late) • membership functions (also came way too late) Presently SQS publicly in their guides advise you to export to WP if you happen to need a backup. SQS also may tell you to trash pages, to get below 100 pages. Then you might think "great should be easy" but what those DEVs working at their office may not know is that this procedure breaks your content such as URL slugs If you need a backup, of your hard-earned online SQS business, you need to write in your calendar right now the steps required to make the final switch to WP and never look back
  4. Very appreciated feedback How about creating a new static page on SQS with a checkout payment gateway, where we put an iframe. This SQS iframe will show the PHP page we put on another domain and include fields where the user can insert info and submit payment So in other words I will use php file in the root directory of another domain, and make it communicate with my SQS site Does it make sense?
  5. Install Revolut Merchant Payment Gateway Integration on Squarespace I understand that currently Squarespace may not support PHP files, which I would argue may or may not be a bottleneck here. I am mainly posting all the following to explore whether this task can be deemed as impossible from the very beginning. Does Revolut Merchant Payment Gateway require PHP server side language control on a higher level than what is available in SQS Developer mode? Is Squarespace Developer mode really so limited, that no work around exists for installing this merchant API? I use Squarespace version 7.0 and the Bryant template I understand that PHP is a server side language and that Squarespace core template languages are HTML, CSS, javaScript and JSON. REQUIRED TASK My business must collect fixed amounts, say for instance €100, €200 and €300. So we may need 3 widgets on 3 different pages. However, the most important thing is that we can put this payment widget on a page that collects fixed amount payments. ➤ SAMPLE Please access our sample https://business.revolut.com/payment-link/qKcakpYeOySJkSgqw4dHkg I envision that our Widget would be designed to look like this sample. It was created using the Revolut's payment link function. We cannot use this function normally because it requires manual steps for each transaction including login etc. Fields include: - Card number - Cardholders name - Email address ➤ Revolut's API payment overview https://revolut-engineering.github.io/api-docs/accept-payments/#overview ➤ Merchant API (1.0) Documentation https://developer.revolut.com/api-reference/merchant/#section/Authentication https://developer.revolut.com/api-reference/merchant/#tag/Orders https://developer.revolut.com/api-reference/merchant/#tag/Customers ➤ INSTALL THE WIDGET - https://developer.revolut.com/docs/revolut-checkout-js/#install-the-widget
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