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  1. I have had many converations with SQS during 2021. Backup is not supported. And when your site grow, and you therefore may need it the most, you can no longer duplicate your site +100 pages, which is a workaround. In my experience having had a website at SQS for 6 years, SQS launch things 2-3 years after they have been mandatory for website owners. As an example • commerce (came way too late) • membership functions (also came way too late) Presently SQS publicly in their guides advise you to export to WP if you happen to need a backup. SQS also may tell you to tr
  2. Very appreciated feedback How about creating a new static page on SQS with a checkout payment gateway, where we put an iframe. This SQS iframe will show the PHP page we put on another domain and include fields where the user can insert info and submit payment So in other words I will use php file in the root directory of another domain, and make it communicate with my SQS site Does it make sense?
  3. Install Revolut Merchant Payment Gateway Integration on Squarespace I understand that currently Squarespace may not support PHP files, which I would argue may or may not be a bottleneck here. I am mainly posting all the following to explore whether this task can be deemed as impossible from the very beginning. Does Revolut Merchant Payment Gateway require PHP server side language control on a higher level than what is available in SQS Developer mode? Is Squarespace Developer mode really so limited, that no work around exists for installing this merchant API? I use
  4. Great post - exited to try it out in my scholarship service gallery - and I will keep you posted! By the way, you are absolutely right. I have come across hundreds of hundreds of requests on this subjects. I thought I was an artist, businessman etc., but suddenly I found myself coding simply because I want to display image titles in my grid gallery to show my work. Here is another person who really get to the heart of the matter with her page: Whitney Oldenburg
  5. Experts! Could you check my page and tell me if I have placed Google Adwords tracking tag code correct? www.fundraising.how/dan-thank-you-sogetjeneste People only land here, once they have completed the legatsøgetjeneste offer form, which is the action I will want to track. 1: http://legatsøgetjeneste - thank you page
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