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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, I wondering if anyone can help. My customer wants to use SFTP File Zilla with the new squarespace site I have built for them using squarespace 7.1 but I can't see the developer mode option in squarespace 7.1. It looks as if this feature has been removed. Does anyone have a work around? Michael
  2. Install Revolut Merchant Payment Gateway Integration on Squarespace I understand that currently Squarespace may not support PHP files, which I would argue may or may not be a bottleneck here. I am mainly posting all the following to explore whether this task can be deemed as impossible from the very beginning. Does Revolut Merchant Payment Gateway require PHP server side language control on a higher level than what is available in SQS Developer mode? Is Squarespace Developer mode really so limited, that no work around exists for installing this merchant API? I use Squarespace version 7.0 and the Bryant template I understand that PHP is a server side language and that Squarespace core template languages are HTML, CSS, javaScript and JSON. REQUIRED TASK My business must collect fixed amounts, say for instance €100, €200 and €300. So we may need 3 widgets on 3 different pages. However, the most important thing is that we can put this payment widget on a page that collects fixed amount payments. ➤ SAMPLE Please access our sample https://business.revolut.com/payment-link/qKcakpYeOySJkSgqw4dHkg I envision that our Widget would be designed to look like this sample. It was created using the Revolut's payment link function. We cannot use this function normally because it requires manual steps for each transaction including login etc. Fields include: - Card number - Cardholders name - Email address ➤ Revolut's API payment overview https://revolut-engineering.github.io/api-docs/accept-payments/#overview ➤ Merchant API (1.0) Documentation https://developer.revolut.com/api-reference/merchant/#section/Authentication https://developer.revolut.com/api-reference/merchant/#tag/Orders https://developer.revolut.com/api-reference/merchant/#tag/Customers ➤ INSTALL THE WIDGET - https://developer.revolut.com/docs/revolut-checkout-js/#install-the-widget
  3. Is it possible to use the SFTP, to upload a CSV file, then have a custom page that would display the CSV data in a Table?? I'd prefer, if I could add custom code to a Squarespace page, that would read the CSV file. We would like to have the CSV file uploaded nightly and require a SFTP location to upload the file to. I created a folder called Inventory, with a test.html file, but I am not sure how to view it. I was going to have the Test.html file read the CSV file and display the information. I assumed, I would be able to go to https://www.strongbridge.us/Inventory/test.html
  4. Site URL: https://digdeep.squarespace.com/ I am working on developing a a site for a client, developing the site locally using the Local Development Server, and I am experiencing an issue where changes in files uploaded via FTP not showing on the live site or editor. All files upload successfully, and the dates of the files on the server reflect this, but no changes are shown on the site. Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution?
  5. Site URL: https://rodrigolascivo.com/category/sitios-de-fakes-de-celebrities/ Wondering if this situation is possible and how'd we'd go about this on the squarespace-side of things. A client of ours is looking to create a new page on their website that will host a form that users will fill out. After the user fills out the form and submits it, they'd like it to be forwarded a specific directory within their internal file server. https://rodrigolascivo.com/category/sitios-de-fakes-de-celebrities/ Configurations needed within their internal network (firewall rules for sftp etc.) is not my concern, but on the square-space end of the things, I am not too sure. I am wondering if it's at all possible to get this working within the developer mode of the website? I am really not sure where to start with this one. Is it at all possible to configure sftp to forward forms to our external IP at all from the website? Any direction/insight is greatly appreciated.
  6. I have several html prototypes that I'd like to host on squarespace. They are packaged websites so I cannot simply upload them using the page editor. I'm assuming I can ftp the files like a normal website storage. The problem is I see tutorials saying navigate to Settings -> Advanced -> Developer Mode to access ftp. However, there is no developer mode option I can see in 7.1? Am I able to connect to ftp, and what's an example of the credentials I would enter? Or is there something with my plan or squarespace in general I'm missing? Thanks!
  7. Hey, All! Would love some help. I purchased Squaremuse element 6 and Squaremuse Element Slider 1 (LOVE IT) I added Squaremuse Element Slider 1 by turning my site into Developer mode. Then I downloaded Cyberduck to add my site to and open up the sftp this way I can add Squaremuse Element Slider 1 Squaremuse Element Slider 1 worked perfectly until... I added Squaremuse element 6 then everything went haywire. I think where my problem is I have no idea how to add more than one element to SFTP in Cyberduck. I do know how to add the css and footer code. Can anyone please help me. It's for jealousweekends.com. Thanks so much in advance and I look forward to hearing from someone. -Nicky @Squaremuse
  8. Hi there, I have tried to connect through FileZilla with the inputs provided on Developer tab. But I get the following response from FileZilla. Could someone help me please? Thanks a lot. Status: Resolving address of dev.squarespace.comStatus: Connecting to Connection established, waiting for welcome message...Response: SSH-2.0-SSHD-CORE-0.7.0Error: Cannot establish FTP connection to an SFTP server. Please select proper protocol.Error: Critical errorError: Could not connect to server
  9. Hi. I'm totally new to Squarespace, a backend programmer thrust into this role by company needs. In brief: Our company has a website on Squarespace. I have a process on a remote server that periodically creates new images. I want to upload those images automatically (sftp or some other secure service) to the company website, over-writing any old images, and have the web page display the latest. I have no clue where to start. How do I upload files? Where do they live, once uploaded? How do I get the Squarespace block to pick up the latest image? I'm used to a Linux command prompt, so everything is opaque here... Can you point me to documentation, suggestions, or something to get me started? Thanks.
  10. The SFTP is not connecting even developer mode enabled. We are getting error as "Server sent command exit status 0". Screenshot attached.
  11. Greetings, I am a contract developer / new to squarespace and trying to help an existing customer create an interface / upload a PDF file to their Squarespace static file repository and then also create a link entry into the customers Squarespace webpage section . I looked around and thought / assumed there would be a way to maintain the squarespace website structure and templates and even the files itself by using SFTP option but when I connect and browse to the customers sitename folder I do see some files but they do not contain or appear to reflect the actual live website and its contents. Not sure what I am doing wrong or perhaps it cannot be done by SFTP? Does Squarespace have an interface / api that programmatically lets a squarespace website be altered , upload pdfs for example and create link entries for starters into an existing website template blocks etc? If somebody could point me in the correct direction , then that would be amazing. Thank you in advance for the time and support. Kind Regards Edwin
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