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  1. yep, thought as much. Ah well, for now we're offering free shipping 🙂 Thanks so much for you help Paul - appreciated as always
  2. Hey paul, thanks for the reply mate. it does help, but still confuses me... as a family pack the client would like to be able to choose 4 different colours, 4 different sizes to create a 4 mask pack... does that make more sense? (failing that, i can try to just have it on the single mask product page that if they add four masks to the cart it's auto discounts to a new price)
  3. Site URL: https://ellipsoid-scarlet-wnyp.squarespace.com/ pw is nathandmeeks Selling Face Masks. We have the option set up to sell a single mask, by colour/size. Easy enough. We're trying to sell a family pack of 4 masks - but the issue is allowing the customer to order by color and size when buying that 4 pack. I've tried a multiple ways/variations/options, but can't seem to get it working. Does anyone have experience with this? Or advice? I hope this makes sense. Thanks for any help/thought/advice Lincoln
  4. Site URL: https://www.drinkstrolley.com.au/ BUG ISSUE? Anyone have an idea of why sections on different pages aren't acting independent of each other? Shop (all wines) is meant to be 4 columns The Vault is meant to be 2 columns. Every time I adjust column view within section settings on the page on shop to 4 columns, it also adjusts The Vault to 4 columns. And vice verse when I adjust The Vault back to 2, it adjust Shop back to 2. Yet, the stores are independent, they're set up as two shop pages on the back end. Super confusing/frustrating... Any help on to stop this, or understanding on why it happens, is very appreciated.
  5. Tuan, again, to the rescue. For the second part - the above question - he gave me the below code, which worked great Add to Home > design > custom CSS .category-the-vault.grid-item { display: none; }
  6. legend, thanks Tuan! - always a great help. last question - my objective with the above request is to hide a category, but also hide the product associated with that category with the shop. i have the regular store, but i also have a hidden area on the site where we had other products (filtered by the hidden category) to buy. can i keep the other products from showing up in the regular store? or do i need to create a new store within the site? Thanks Tuan
  7. Site URL: https://www.drinkstrolley.com.au/shop Hi, Has anyone been able to hide certain categories in their store page? If so, how? I'm struggling with code, etc to make it happen. Am trying to hide 'the vault' category on the shop page - but still have it work (as it's part of a hidden/password page https://www.drinkstrolley.com.au/shop Thanks
  8. Thanks Paul, that worked a treat. Really appreciate the help/link..
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