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Dor Reznik

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  1. thanks for the reply! however when i try this it breaks the design, i think it might overlap with the other .container settings after the * settings? is it possible to make the custom code to work only on the # Code Block ID? thanks again for the help, appreciate it!
  2. Site URL: https://www.everythingbydor.com/mixing-mastering So i added a pricing table html+css code to a page on my website, and something there is affecting the header menu and folders, how can i make the whole header ignore the custom code, or exclude it from the custom code that way it wont affect it? here are a few screenshots on how it currently looks: and here is how it should look like: heres a link to the code source (im not a web developer by any means and i barely got this to even work, so.. sorry if its messy and stuff lmao) https://www.everythingbydor.com/table-code i wish squarespace had a built in pricing tables block!
  3. thanks its a nice idea, i did it for now, however it is still a bad workout, since its required it adds a '*' to the title which doesnt exist on the second one... i wish it could be built in option, sounds fairly simple to do
  4. indeed but i have two checkboxes, if only one is marked they can still submit the form
  5. so i want to have users to agree on two things (in checkboxes) before they can submit a form to me.(just like you cant proceed without agreeing the term and conditions on some websites/services) how would i do that?is there a way in javascript to check by the ID of the checboxes if they are checked or not (true/false), and if they arent checked - and try to submit the form -> they will get a pop-up saying they must check the inboxes before submitting the form?thanks
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