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  1. Hi there! I'm not sure I understand your question, but I'll try to help! IF you are trying to create a folder that contains links to individual sections of an index page, then yes, I recommend /index-PAGE-url#index-SECTION-url if you are on Brine. However- you don't need to custom code. Just use a normal link and add it to the folder. https://www.loom.com/share/95d57cb5fd754139add451004c2432d8 If, however, you mean that you used custom code to control what happened when they clicked on the NAME of the folder- I address that the end of the video 🙂
  2. Hi there! Two pieces of information would help us help you: What google search? Are you googling the name of the business and then clicking "Images", or are you searching for the descriptions/tags? OR are you literally doing an image search? Do you have a link to your website?
  3. Hi there! Have you tried adding the page to an index page, and then placing the background behind it? Let me know if that just sounds like babble and I'll explain further. I'm here to help!
  4. Yes! You have to build a folder that links to each section of the index page. Which template are you in? If using Brine-family, the links would be /index-PAGE-url#index-SECTION-url
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