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  1. Hi Tori, sorry it looks like I answered below instead of replying to your answer...
  2. Hi Tori, So I tried a few different ways of searching. My website comes up in the main Google search when I type in my name so that's fine. But my website is essentially a portfolio site of loads of images, and none of them come up in the Google Image search. I tried being really descriptive and searched my name and the title of the image and nothing will show up. I've also tried dragging in the actual image to the search but it still doesn't come up, On my website the images are displayed using Gallery Pages. The only images that do show up in searches are my logo and the image on my contact
  3. Hello, I've encountered a problem where none of my images are coming up in google searches. I have a portfolio style website, with a few pages of lots of images, yet none of them appear when searched for. The only images from my site that appear in searches are my logo and an image I've used on the contact page. I recently set up a shop with Shopify which is linked to my website, and all of the images from the shop appear in searches, so it's bizarre that none of the main website images do. I've gone through all of the SEO checklists, indexed the site via Google and added descriptions a
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