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  1. Thanks tuanphan, url is https://lute-lychee-5bck.squarespace.com/new-page-1
  2. I am using personal right now at a trial level site is here:https://lute-lychee-5bck.squarespace.com/config/pages password jdtest1 page to view would be paintings. I have a border around the image and am wondering if it is possible to set the caption within this border, align left on a dark ground, so each caption "box" will size to the image width?
  3. Hi, I am using this code with success in custom, with a bit of tinkering: .sqs-lightbox-slide{ background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 1) } /* Lightbox opacity */ .gallery-lightbox-background { opacity: 1.0; } .gallery-lightbox-item img { flex-basis: 50%; padding:1px; box-sizing: border-box; display: inline !important; border-radius: 2px; border: 0px solid #000; width: unset !important; left: 50%; top: 50%; transform: translate(-50%, -50%); background-color: grey; z-index: -1; } To enable a border/box around the image in the lightbox. Is there any means to get .gallery-lightbox-item img to also control the position of the caption text and to create a dark box/bg that will also flex? Similar to image attached. Below is what I get now and 2nd image is what I am working towards.
  4. I am trying to create something like this: https://ferret-goose-4blj.squarespace.com/who?itemId=636j7v8uocztmw2hzphhqbervyk40o-w656e-xm5j7
  5. https://lute-lychee-5bck.squarespace.com/config/pages/website-tools/code-injection?itemId=1hb2axjx68jvy9vgglinq1dzu3jokt%3FitemId%3D1hb2axjx68jvy9vgglinq1dzu3jokt%3FitemId%3D1hb2axjx68jvy9vgglinq1dzu3jokt%3FitemId%3D1hb2axjx68jvy9vgglinq1dzu3jokt If you click on Painting, this is closest I have got so far using a previous/2020 bit of css from one of your entries
  6. I can see they are using wrapper which I confess I do not know but I get the sense that items are nested/wrapped, the caption and dark fill are constrained within the image width and centred left. Any breakdown of this code would be amazingly helpful. Thanks
  7. Then open first/any image. Thanks if you have any time to look deeper.
  8. Hi, more like a caption on a slide within a lightbox. Am newbie to this but have found various threads on the same issue. Something similar to https://www.clairebaily.com/one would be amazing. I have used CSS from other entries by you successfully to get caption onto images within a lightbox. With the example I cite, the caption rollover expanding to the image width is very appealing, and I see this is somehow using wrapper? Thanks for your reply!
  9. This is a popup image from the listed site. How is it possible to get captions visible as rollover on the pop up and not visible in the gallery mode, any tips where to begin? thanks
  10. My question is how to get captions to appear within the popup, NOT the gallery, either static or as rollover in the example shown. Rational: thumbnails just to be scanned and extra detail to be visible on larger image, such as date, medium etc. CSS please?!
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