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  1. In addition, line height screws up if a header (like H1) wraps to the next line. There it completely fails. So I'm again stuck without a solution, because line height affects white space both above and below. My problem is line height. It doesn't let me control type. Is there something else?
  2. Sorry, I'm still confused! I have a background in typography, book design, graphic design, typeface design, and web design. In HTML I can get what I want. Here in Squarespace, I can't. I can adjust the font size of any display (heading) or text (paragraph) fonts, and I get larger or smaller type. When I adjust line height, that changes the amount of space ABOVE AND BELOW the type in equal amounts. Typographically, this is bad. The only rational way to set this parameter is for what works best with text, because you don't want text lines to be too far apart or close together vertically. This means there is no way to adjust the vertical spacing after headings independently, and in any event it doesn't even do that, it does both above and below. So I tried the code. It seems "line height" adds the same amount of space above and below the headline, which of course I don't want at the same time. I'd want to control those independently. I have found something that kind of works, though it isn't the full control I'm looking for: h1 { line-height: calc(0.1); } Is there any way to do this for ALL headers, or do I have to name each one and repeat the same code for each? Is there any way to adjust white space above and below independently?
  3. I'm a typographer. I want to have control over the type and layout of a page. I understand that Squarespace wants to be responsive on many devices, but Squarespace too often makes decisions for us designers. I can change the size of the type of heading 1, 2, 3. But I want to adjust the vertical space after the type. Right now, the default is to put a huge amount of white space under a heading. This doesn't work for me at all. Generally, I'm using headings as headings - they precede some text I want to be associated with that heading. The space is too much. I don't mind something global that affects all headings. For example, a script that says: Make the white space after all headings = x times line height, where x is a number like 0.5 - 3.0. Is there code that would do this?
  4. Oh, sorry: www.infinitegameoflife.com The main questions I have are: 1. How can I make the header less tall? If I make a shorter image, it gets resized, so it seems like it's always that height. 2. The navigation words are all in a particular width. Is it possible to extend that width so it's wider? If I increase the space between navigation words, it just wraps to a new line. 3. For a black line at the bottom, SS support says there isn't a way to do it in the header. I can't do it outside of the header or it will scroll away, so I don't see a way to add the black line without some kind of code injection. At the moment, #1 and 2 are my bigger problems. I don't expect to do anything about #3. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm not a pro CSS person, but I'm using this code to put a header image at the top of every page: a {text-decoration-line:none !important;} .header-announcement-bar-wrapper {background-image:url('URL HERE'); background-repeat:no-repeat; background-size:cover;background-position: center;} .header {background-color:rgba(0,0,0,0)!important} It works. Now I want to add a thin black line at the bottom to separate it from the page. Like 2 pixels. I've tried putting it into my image and that causes huge problems with different renderings, especially mobile, but it also renders differently on different browsers and widths. Is there a CSS way to add a black line all across my banner image at the very bottom? Thank you.
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