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  1. It's too early for me to contact CS But I have been waiting for a long time and saw this: "This server could not prove that it is www. [redacted] .com; its security certificate is from *.squarespace.com. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection." It's still listing the SSL as this: SSL Certificate Status Processing So - is there anything wrong? Should I do something? Or just wait, like a doughnut, for 72 hours to elapse - and then contact CS? It's rather frustrating ... waiting... Thanks for any help Best wishes
  2. Thanks for that. So I'm not an idiot missing something obvious.... I just watch a video that is now out of date. Yikes. And yes - looking into this now [thanks to your help] I am 100% using the fluid engine. I guess that means rather than giving the options of 'poster' or 'card' - with fluid engine, you are free to make the layouts into 'poster' or 'card' as you wish. Negating the need for those options. Thanks again
  3. Right. Just checking... I have seen a video where someone adds a block [image] and then gets a load of options [poster/card/etc] I can add an image, but have spent hours trying to find the options to have it changed from just an image - to a card Is it because I am on the free trial. That's all I can think of... or am I just missing something obvious... or am I [most likely] just really stupid Anyone on the Free Trial know what to do after you have the image in your page - to then find the options to change it. Or is it paid versions only that you can do that? Thanks for any help x
  4. This is my third – and I guess/last question. I was looking at getting the advanced commerce – for one of my websites. But there is ONLY one thing that I actually want it for – and that is abandoned cart. Then I thought about it for a bit… surely that feature won’t work [for me]? I’m selling tickets to a show. But if the tickets are [for example] on sale through Ticket Tailor – surely there’s no way that Squarespace can do the abandoned cart feature – becayse in fact the tickets are not ‘run’ by them? Or am I wrong about that whole assumption??? I am often wrong, and I hope I am here. So please do tell me if my thinking is silly and wrong. Thanks again
  5. Thanks - so the answer is to have two different accounts and one website on each - I guess??? Thanks for the help. I think the only feature I want [for the extra money in the advanced plan] actually won't work [in my case]... I will ask that in another question on here. Thanks again
  6. Hi, I have two questions. The first is based on an assumption. I've seen on a couple of video reviews about Squarespace - that if you let your 14 day trial lapse - they offer you 20% [not the usual 10%] off your first year [or first month if you decide top pay monthly]. Anyone recently let their 14 days trial finish and was this the case? If not any ideas of how to get 20% off without having to pay an expert to teach you or design the page for you? Thanks for any help. The second question is I am looking to buy TWO squarespace pages/websites. One is their basic commerce, and the other is their advanced commerce. If I get the 20% offer... would it be good for opening BOTH those accounts. So it will be for the first year of BOTH squarespace websites? Or does it just work with one - and I will have to set the other one up on a different squarespace account to get a discount? Thanks for any help x
  7. Thanks so much for the answer I have a follow up question... I live in the UK, most/all my customers are in the UK. That would suggest I should choose NameCheap's UK data centre [they have three, USA, Europe and the UK] It is a whole $1 a month more expensive. Which is maybe not much, but it is a large part of the price. BUT... if I understand your answer correctly - it maybe doesn't matter. Because Namecheap doesn't 'load anything' - so any advantage of having the UK data centre is mitigated by squarespace servers being [I guess] in the US? So, would it make sense to just get the cheaper US Namecheap data centre option... as there is no real difference. I mean if it improved the customers experience by loading up quicker - I think the extra dollar a month would be worth it. Thanks again for any help
  8. Silly newbie question I guess. But I already bought a domain name. I am happy to host it at NameCheap or JustHost So it then 'points' to the squarespace page BUT... it seems to me I then have added an extra 'element' into the mixture. Now both NameCheap and Squarespace need to be 'working' - I mean will it go 'slower' For instance I may pay an extra $1 a month for NameCheap to use a UK Datacentre [because the people using the site will mostly be in the UK] but surely any gains are lost by NameCheap 'pointing' to squarespace who may be run out of the US? Am I stupid to be paying extra to get NameCheap to host the site/s? I just don't like Squarespace charging me $20 a year for the domain name... and to save that $10 I am spending $45 a year extra What advantage do I have by being on NameCheap stella plan - will any gains be lost by everything being pointed to squarespace - and so I'm just going to always have squarespace service - but with the extra step of going via NameCheaps datacentre? As I said I am asking a stupid newbie question... so thanks for any help/abuse... all is appreciated xx
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