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  1. Solved- this is what I ended up using in the Custom CSS -Change #YOUR BLOCK ID for your actual block id -Change the background color (#f6f2ea) to the existing background color of of the section (that way you don't get text on text when scrolling) //Change Text Block Background Color and Make Text Block Sticky Text //change text block background color #YOUR BLOCK ID { background: #f6f2ea; padding: 50px; text-align: center; } //change text block to make it sticky #YOUR BLOCK ID {position: -webkit-sticky!important; position: sticky!important; top: 60px; z-index: 99999; }
  2. @hawaiiestatetours,@FarmGateMarketing & @Patterson-Has anyone implemented this that can help me? I tried injecting @tazmeah's code into the Header injection, Footer injection, and as CSS with no luck. I changed the block id #s and the names (ie projects, clients) to match my site with no luck. I'm no expert coder so spelling this out for me with exactly what steps I need to take would be great. I am looking to have the counter run upon scroll (just like in @tazmeah's video). I am looking to do this under the Fun Facts About Me on the About Me page. https://beeline-consulting.squarespace.com/about pw: helpmeplease Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. hi there- thanks for the response. I separated the "Company Vision & Core Values" and "For: C-Suite | HR Leaders" into 2 different text blocks. I tried inserting this: #block-2e30026b2edaf7cb12e9 { position: sticky; top: 100px } into the Custom CSS and nothing happened. Please advise. Thanks
  4. Site URL: https://beeline-consulting.squarespace.com/organisational-design Hi all- Thanks in advance for your help🙏. I am trying to work out how to make my title text sticky in a section. On this particular page, I would like the title text that says "Company Vision & Core Values" (in the Section= section[data-section-id="610b6b55c690502bba666c4a"]) to stay fixed at the top while the rest of the text in that section scrolls. I want to make sure that the title text has the same background color as the section so that the scrolling text is readable and then disappears once it reaches the title text (as opposed to getting overlayed on the title text). Then once you get to the bottom of that section, you just keep scrolling to the next section (and the "Company Vision & Core Values" title text is no longer fixed). The title text I am trying to make sticky is highlighted in the red box in the screenshot. It's safe to say I have really no clue what I am doing here so I appreciate it being explained as elementary as possible! Thanks. password= helpmeplease Thank you!
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