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  1. @creedon OMG AMAZING THAT WORKS u r a genius thank you so much
  2. Hi! Thanks! Link is here: https://www.littlepuss.net/shop/p/meanwhile-elsewhere-science-fiction-fantasy-from-transgender-writers-ebook Password is Fung1b13** Thanks so much!
  3. Hi- Thanks to everyone who has been posting answers here. I am still having trouble getting this to work. I am trying to make a 'pay what you can' ebook by adding a donate button as well as a download button. So far so easy. However, what I want is for the donate button and the download button to both be together. As it stands, on desktop, the download (ie purchase) button is to the right of the image but the donate button stays below it. Because the image is fairly long, this means you can't see it unless you scroll down! Tried the code from @tuanphan above both with and without addition but no luck! Any suggestions?
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