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  1. This is great. Thanks tuanphan for the code to make this work on mobile. What part of the code calls the specific icons? I can't work it out and I am thinking to maybe use the same icons on the web version of the site for consistency. Thanks for reviewing some other areas of the site. Your site is currently down and I can't see the images but will check again later. I see most of your notes are about mobile or tablet view of the site. Is there a way to change boxes for mobile or tablet view specifically without changing the web layout? For example #6 you suggest moving the logo above the text for mobile view but if I do this in the editor it makes the text box stretched and squashed the web view.
  2. Hi. I am on the business plan and am able to insert code blocks and code injection etc.
  3. Site URL: https://www.seidoartservices.com Hi. I've added icons with email/phone links from Font Awesome (Free) to my site header. I followed this guide: https://www.bigcatcreative.com/blog/social-links-navigation-squarespace I would like to learn how to make these icons persist in the mobile view, on the left of the "burger" menu. Currently the mobile view removes all text and links in the header and converts it into the mobile view drop down menu, and now also drags the icons into that menu too. Ideally I'd like the two icons to persist in the header, when in mobile view, for easy ways for visitors to make contact with my business. Is this possible through css? I've attached an image (photoshop edit) of the outcome I'm looking to achieve. Thanks
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