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  1. https://www.liuliu.at/produkt-kategorie/vorspeisen/ (this page isnt ours but an example of each product item showing the description of each product. https://www.shouko.at/shop (now this is a friend's webshop, but it doesn't show the description of the products right away) What I want would be like the former link. Sorry for the confusion !
  2. I will try this tomorrow thank you so much ! What I also failed to mention is, if i really want the description shown, as in the short description of the food, to be shown in the products/store page as well. I don't think making those via tags makes sense, what are the possible solution to see them without having to go to the product details page?
  3. Under each Product Title on the main Store Page, I want to show the product's Description which for me is important because it will contain the Allergens. I don't want them to have to click the item just to know which has certain allergens. I've already tried my best to figure this out, to no avail so I now turn here hoping someone could help... My initial idea was to scrape the description of every product individual pages and append that to their corresponding block in the Store Pages, but I don't know if that's possible or how to go about that. Thank you very much for your time ! *the site isn't published yet*
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