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  1. Site URL: https://www.klynik.co.uk/ I wanted to add our contact number on the header next to the categories. So clients can see that first in case they want to call. As in our line of business clients like to call to ask questions. Its easier than scrolling to the bottom of the page to find it. On Mobile devices we have added the tab for it to show up at all times, but do not know how to do on the desktop view. We do have it on the announcement bar on the desktop version but its too small and not how we want it..... Can someone please help how to do this, would very much appreciate i
  2. Hello, I need to be able to do this too and have waited such a long time to have this feature. I have hundreds of images that I have uploaded as sometimes I need to tweak it slightly once its on the site so I upload newer version but can't get rid of the old. Such a pain...Can someone in SS please try and resolve this.....it would help on storage for them too unless they use our images for some unknown purpose......grrrrrrrr
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