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  1. Just got off the line with customer service - apparently I somehow signed up for the beta program for new users wrong and now I don't get to utilize the service - Square Space response is summed up as "Can't do anything about it - sign up for the waitlist"... what the ****? Like TONS of other users here on the forums I've too late found out that Square Space has made little to no effort to correct their lack of sales tax tools despite collecting an incredible amount of money from users. I'll have to start looking for somewhere to move my site and business if Square Space doesn't resolve the situation (which from reviewing other forum posts Square Space unfortunately does not appear to give a darn about hiding this problem until it is too late for users). Any pointers other than paying an incredible amount of money to TaxJar for a service squarespace told me I'd have access to for free would be great!
  2. Just got told by squarespace customer service that I somehow signed up for the program for new users and now don't get to utilize the service and can just go ahead and pay for it or manually enter everything and then sign up for the waitlist. If I would have known that squarespace doesn't support running a legal online sales business I would NEVER have started setting up my store here. What TERRIBLE customer service and product development.
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