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  1. I have spoken to TaxJar about a week ago and they told me they are about to release an integration for Squarespace that would solve this problem. They said they are weeks away from it. For know, my problem is fixed because Illinois where I am based is an origin-based sales tax state, meaning I charge my local tax rate to everyone in the state of Illinois. Once we start getting more sales out of state and start having economic nexus in other states, then we will either have to get that TaxJar integration or move to a different platform (likely the latter, as I have learned Squarespace disappoints in many other aspects of e-commerce). So my current fix to avoid having to add thousands of zips was adding Illinois as the state I collect taxes in and setting the state sales tax rate amount as my combined (state + local) sales tax rate. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi! I am at my wits end with trying to figure out a better way to set up sales taxes on my squarespace e-commerce page. I already know Squarespace unfortunately fails in this area majorly. I feel like I will have to move to a different platform if I cannot figure out some way of automating the sales tax calculation without having to enter a sales tax rate for every zip code/zip code range manually. Does the TaxJar integration with Stripe Orders API solve the problem with sales tax calculation at check out by some miracle? Is anyone familiar with that? Any words of wisdom will be much appreciated! Ania
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