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Found 15 results

  1. Is there any word on when commerce shops on Squarespace will be able to specify if some items or product categories are exempt from sales tax? I have a client who is looking for a work around so that she doesn't charge customers for tax on a specific product category in her shop. I realize this isn't an option now, but it would be such a great (and necessary) feature for so many reasons!
  2. Site URL: https://kundalikombucha.com Hello, I have tried all the different options I can think of: manually entering every Zip code/range I possibly can making the entire state a high enough tax rate that it covers all taxes in my area using TaxJar to automatically enter tax rates ... & squarespace somehow still won't collect the correct tax rates every time when purchases are made from my online store. For example, say someone makes a $26 purchase from zip code 80026, where the tax rate is %8.485. Squarespace manages to calculate the correct amount of tax for this purchase ($2.20). Now say someone makes the same $26 purchase but from zip code 80211, where the tax rate is %8.0. For some reason, this time Squarespace only takes $1.04. This is very frustrating and cuts into my revenue. Can someone please assist me? Thank you, -K
  3. I can't seem to find a straight answer to this: Do Squarespace Member Areas allow you to charge your members a different tax rate based on their location. Thanks!
  4. Hello! I’ve been searching all over my website and help centre to remove tax on my artwork (in checkout) on my website. Because I am only self employed and not registered with business VAT. It is illegal in the UK to charge for VAT if you’re not registered (this is separate to income tax) And normally only register if your turnover is over £80k which currently mine isn’t even £8k, so not an option as I’m starting out I have tried uploading via Products and Services and both are automatically charging the customer in checkout for VAT - which by law I can not charge - this is beyond frustrating. Can one assume that I am not allowed to sell on my Squarespace site tax ‘free’ items? Is it some kind of E-commerce thing where they all come with VAT even if it’s 10p items? Hope this makes sense. Thanks.
  5. I need to add VAT to JUST the shipping cost (UK based). Squarespace has informed me this isn't a built in-function they have at the moment, which isn't ideal. I was hoping someone else would have a workaround as there are many businesses who sell products that don't need VAT added to the products, just the shipping. Thank you
  6. Hi, Is there any solutions on VAT and zero VAT rated products. Can someone explain how I set up both types of product within Squarespace as I'm currently struggling to do this? Thank you
  7. I sell products that are taxed differently here in Canada (one product category considered food and therefor not taxed - everything else I have set up with the appropriate tax rate by postal code). I'm wondering if it's possible to customize tax-rate by product category. I know it's not a built-in feature, so would require some coding. Help anyone?
  8. I am an online retailer but would like to offer my customers the ability to schedule a local pickup. I have made arrangements with a local business to handle the fulfilment of my products after the sale is made online. The problem I am running into is with sales tax. My understanding is that since the product is being picked up within the state I have a nexus, I am required to collect and remit sales tax. However, on Squarespace when the "Pickup" option is selected it generates the sales tax from the buyer's billing address zip code. For a local pickup it should be charging any buyer sales tax regardless as the fulfilment is being made within the state my business has a nexus. I spoke with one of the agents on chat and was informed there is no way to change this directly through the website. This issue makes the local pickup essentially useless since there is no way to collect tax from any customer with an out of state billing zip code. Does anyone know of a workaround for this? I appreciate any help!
  9. Hi, Can someone help clarify this query. If my setting for national sales taxes at 20% is programmed with the "on mode", does this mean that I have to present my prices without the extra 20% sales tax ? Example if product price at 120€ (with tax at 20% included), on my product sheet, I will have to indicate the price at 100€ (exclusive of the 20% sales tax). At checkout, this 20% will be added to the total amount.
  10. Hello everyone, I have a small issue that I was hoping I get assistance in. I am working on a POD T-shirt business that is online-based. The business is based and registered in the US. I use Printful as my printing company. I use Squarespace for the website that includes a shop and selling page. When a customer in Europe orders a product, how does the VAT come into play? Printful already charges me VAT to fulfill and ship the order the European countries. Should I add the VAT price to the final price on SquareSpace and have them pay 0% VAT in this case? Or manually add VAT (according to each EU country) on checkout and this will be added to final price later on? For example, let's say Printful charges 12$ to fulfill the T-shirt, 2$ for shipping to Germany and 2$ VAT to Germany. Therefore, I am being charged 16$ as the seller from Printful. Let's say the customer who buys my product gets charged 16$ for T-shirt (4$ net profit), 2$ for shipping (so I don't pay shipping from Printful out of pocket) and 2$ VAT (again so I don't pay it out of pocket), would that be enough and legal? Am I missing any step? Who handles the VAT once it is payed? Should I be registered for VAT in EU to be able to ship there? I would really appreciate any help. Thank you!
  11. Hi, I am from Holland and am selling two different items on my website: a physical product and the other service (online class). For the (service) online class, I need to include 21% dutch tax included in the price, but currently 9% tax that I set up for a physical product is applied for all products including the service product. How can I set up another tax rule on Squarespace to apply to the service product and have it included in the price and shown at checkout?
  12. Hi, I'm selling products on my SS with in-price VAT, however the calculation appearing on invoices isn't correct. For a 49€ product with 23% VAT (collecting in Portugal) the invoice shows 9,16€ as VAT instead of 11,27€. Anyone can help? Thanks!
  13. Site URL: https://roamerbatteries.com/shop/p/12v300ah Hello, I'm having an issue with taxes on our website. Please see images below. So when our accounting software pulls through the subtotal, because it is set to VAT inclusive, our accounting software then adds another 20% VAT when it generates the invoice. This means I have to go into our accounting software and manually change the price with every invoice. I was hoping to change the website so whilst it still show a VAT inclusive price on the site, when it generates an invoice for the customer, the subtotal is a VAT-free amount (as it's this figure that is pulling through to my accounting software) Is there a way to do this? I have tried using the tax section in invoices, but when I click the option to show the amount less VAT, it always auto-changes the VAT-inclusive price box in commerce. Any ideas? The website price includes VAT, but when it goes to our accounting software (screenshot below) it is then adding another 20%. So I have to go into each invoice and manually change the prices to make it correct.
  14. Hi, I live in the Netherlands, and for now, our domestic VAT rate is 21%, which applies as well to EU countries (as long as income is below €10K/year). So I have to set it up for each country accordingly, however, when I do so, and then test the checkout, the amount showing in the VAT section is not 21% of the selling price. I tried with 3 countries, Netherlands €30 VAT €5.21, France the same, but Spain €30 VAT €6.30. Any idea why? Thank you
  15. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can help me. I have added tax rates on my commerce site for different European countries and tax will be added accordingly when someone checks out. There are 4 areas thought that are tax exempt and I am not sure how to do this ? As the rest of the country does have that tax but other areas do not : Ie. Spain has 21 % however the Canary Islands do not have tax yet are part of Spain Jersey, Guernsey and Gibraltar are part of UK (21% tax) but are tax exempt as well. Anyone know how I can put this into my commerce ? Thanks so much !
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