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  1. Site URL: https://www.rushofitall.com/ I used this code (from @Andrius, in another question) to hide tag display at the bottom of blog posts: .blog-meta-item--tags { display: none; } This works, but I wonder how I might take it a step further and only hide certain tags. Even better if this could work with a wildcard, so only tags with a certain prefix would be hidden (like the "#private" tags available in Ghost). What I'm really looking for is a way to make a set of administrative tags that never show, while also still being able to use topical tags the way they're intended. Here's a current use case for this. I have summary block on my homepage (www.rushofitall.com) to display "Featured" posts from one of my blogs, but those featured posts include some that have a thumbnail photo and others that don't, and the two don't look right intermingled. So I've tagged the featured posts that have thumbnails (with "thumb"), filtered the summary to show only those with that tag, and hidden the tags with the above code. This works, but it means I can't use tags in the usual way. (And it seems there are probably other use cases for something like this.) So is there a way to put something like an if-then into that code above? Something like "IF Tag = #* THEN display:none" (could be # or some other prefix plus a wildcard so you could make many of them if you wanted). Or some other way to accomplish this? Thanks, Jeff
  2. @paul2009 - thanks for the code above - I've added it to my site, and it's getting me close to what I want ( www.rushofitall.com ), but there are a few more adjustments I'd like to make: 1) I'd like the nav items that have internally wrapped to a second line to center justify (they're right-justified now) [I self-solved this one - just added "text-align: center;"] 2) I'd like the whole nav bar to never wrap to a second line (so individual items wrap internally, but the whole line never wraps, but instead switches to the hamburger symbol when browser window is too narrow). 3) I'd like drop-down nav items (items in a navigation folder, like those under "Projects" on my site) to display full length when they show, without wrapping internally. Any suggestions?
  3. I'm looking for a best practice for image uploads for blog posts. I've found very clear guidance for images within a blog post, but nothing so clear for the thumbnail image to go with the post. Can I just load the same image file to both places (into the post itself, and into blog post settings > Options > Thumbnail image), or should I make/use a smaller version (smaller file size) for the thumbnail? Or in other words, if I use a post-sized file for the thumbnail image, will Squarespace automatically resize it (and not slow my site down)? And is the answer the same for the Alternate Social Sharing Image? Thanks
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