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  1. @paul2009, thank you so much. That was indeed an effective alternative strategy. I appreciate your help! best, Jesse
  2. I set up my website with product page navigation titles that had a line break in them. That way they all fit in a line and didn't wrap to a second level. Looked good too. Now that <.br.> code no longer works....I understand Squarespace no longer supports this strategy. I tried to use the custom CSS code from this website: https://sf.digital/squarespace-solutions/how-can-i-add-line-breaks-to-gallery-grid-titles but the code injector flagged it as having an error, and I don't know enough about it to identify what that error might be. When I went ahead and saved it anyways, it didn't produce the desired result. The - or # just showed up in the title. My website is https://jesse-belsky-stageswords.squarespace.com/in-stock, although there's nothing to see because I've removed the <.br.> code which wasn't working.... thanks for any help, best, Jesse
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