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  1. Site URL: https://paddlefish-sawfish-nwja.squarespace.com/close-to-home Hi I have a Squarepage and my own domain. But sometimes the page address are quit strange form my domain name - www.photosbyskovlund.com Why is this address shown https://paddlefish-sawfish-nwja.squarespace.com/close-to-home
  2. It was the one i used but its stille appear on the shop frontpage
  3. Site URL: https://www.photosbyskovlund.com/close-to-home Hi all I have uploadede som images to my portfolio, but it failed. When the file uploads, its just indicates a proces, that's not finishing. But, after that, the page show an empty frame, where the image should have been, and i can't delete them again 😞 Any suggestions /Morten
  4. Hmm, I can't find a post in here form Dec. 9th 🤔
  5. I have used this one: <script> $( ( ) => { $( '.grid-title, .ProductItem-nav-breadcrumb-link' ).each ( function ( ) { $this = $( this ) let html = $this.html ( ).replace ( /&amp;amp;+/g, '&amp;' ); $this.html ( html ); } ); } ); </script>
  6. Hi @creedon You help me a lot with the &amp problem, and it was working. But now its appear again, but only on the shop frontpage, not under the product page. Hmmm - what to do? https://www.photosbyskovlund.com/shop
  7. Hi Tuanphan Yes it was, but then my horisontal images was cropped wrong :(😑
  8. Hi Tuanphan I did not see your great answer before now - thanks. Unfortunately i can't get it working 😞
  9. Hi tuanphan Its go very well...... Here it is https://www.photosbyskovlund.com/shop/p/fzft1qxgvh1bmqu1hh97rgheovg0fc-l6jck-p9dzs-54n8t-akpxp-3kn73-5edzl
  10. Site URL: https://photosbyskovlund.com Hi Is it possible to change the textsize of additional text and the text in the variations boxes? I want to trim the space under my product image. Thanks for helping in advance 🙌🏼 https://www.photosbyskovlund.com/shop/p/fzft1qxgvh1bmqu1hh97rgheovg0fc-l6jck-p9dzs-54n8t-akpxp-3kn73
  11. Oh i don't know what happened - it dont work now.
  12. Oh thanks mate. Sorry i don't find the other one, I have tried to search. Its works out well, after combining the two treads. Now im quiet close to run for now 🙌🏼
  13. Thanks so much Bangank36 - its what i looked for.🙌🏼
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