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  1. It was the one i used but its stille appear on the shop frontpage
  2. Site URL: https://www.photosbyskovlund.com/close-to-home Hi all I have uploadede som images to my portfolio, but it failed. When the file uploads, its just indicates a proces, that's not finishing. But, after that, the page show an empty frame, where the image should have been, and i can't delete them again 😞 Any suggestions /Morten
  3. Hmm, I can't find a post in here form Dec. 9th 🤔
  4. I have used this one: <script> $( ( ) => { $( '.grid-title, .ProductItem-nav-breadcrumb-link' ).each ( function ( ) { $this = $( this ) let html = $this.html ( ).replace ( /&amp;amp;+/g, '&amp;' ); $this.html ( html ); } ); } ); </script>
  5. Hi @creedon You help me a lot with the &amp problem, and it was working. But now its appear again, but only on the shop frontpage, not under the product page. Hmmm - what to do? https://www.photosbyskovlund.com/shop
  6. Hi Tuanphan Yes it was, but then my horisontal images was cropped wrong :(😑
  7. Hi Tuanphan I did not see your great answer before now - thanks. Unfortunately i can't get it working 😞
  8. Hi tuanphan Its go very well...... Here it is https://www.photosbyskovlund.com/shop/p/fzft1qxgvh1bmqu1hh97rgheovg0fc-l6jck-p9dzs-54n8t-akpxp-3kn73-5edzl
  9. Site URL: https://photosbyskovlund.com Hi Is it possible to change the textsize of additional text and the text in the variations boxes? I want to trim the space under my product image. Thanks for helping in advance 🙌🏼 https://www.photosbyskovlund.com/shop/p/fzft1qxgvh1bmqu1hh97rgheovg0fc-l6jck-p9dzs-54n8t-akpxp-3kn73
  10. Oh i don't know what happened - it dont work now.
  11. Oh thanks mate. Sorry i don't find the other one, I have tried to search. Its works out well, after combining the two treads. Now im quiet close to run for now 🙌🏼
  12. Thanks so much Bangank36 - its what i looked for.🙌🏼
  13. Site URL: http://www.photosbyskovlund.comp Hi again I going to sell finer prints in my shop, and its close to run. On each product page, i have more product image, to show example But its results in, that's on the shop front page, when you move over a product, the image change. Is it possible to change this, so its just the fist product image that's been shown? And is it possible to have different image size on the product frontpage -e.g. vertical and horizontal? Thanks in advance Morten
  14. Site URL: http://www.photosbyskovlund.com Hi Im quiet new with Squarespace, and hit some problems. One of them is when I in the storepage, want to use & in Black & White in the heading. The it shows up with a &amp, but it's not a problem in the main text. Is it possible to change this with a code? thanks in advance Morten
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