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  1. I did this but in the brine template. I used the index navigation and customized it. Not sure if you can do the same in 7.1 which I hope you can because I want to upgrade.
  2. HI all, I'm hoping to get a solution for this as customer service thinks that this isn't possible. On http://www.whykw.ca/personal-branding-business-cards Link above is an example. I have multiple variations for one product like the example link above. then below all the images I have a button. I want the button to act as a product or "add to cart" button. when said model opens. Form below appears. When all selections are done. details are taken and added to cart. Is this possible? I have 6 business card designs and each design has 4 variations, which I want as radio buttons for selections. So one set of radio buttons will represent a design and the next set of will represent which variation. Can this be done?
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