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  1. So I decided to just add handmade breadcrumbs for the categories as first line in my additional informations – I have to add specified text in every product anyway. It's an easy peasy workaround for now. And later on maybe I'll add a tag cloud somewhere.
  2. edit: deleted my whole comment … did not understand this upvoting a post thing at first, thought my post dissapeared.
  3. I got an answer from the support. What feels like a bug for the most of us, is state of design by now, referring to this site: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/231746347-Styling-Store-Pages#toc-store-page Edit: It's said, that it may be presented to the developers team. I'm unsure if this is a general text brick. Let's hope for the best! And continue sending bug reports / feature requests!
  4. me distracted … here it is s0lv!ngbrE@dcrumbs I'm not sure why my website is so important, I see the same happening on @jdillagodzilla site for example. edit: I also see the same thing happening on the websites of @kindandbrave. It was questioned, that there are prducts nested in categories. I see categories there … like “Fathers Day“ e.g.
  5. Ah, thanks, I forgot. We are still on building the site. Password is for now: s0lv!ngbrE@dcrumbs I'll delete it after you checked in, please give reply.
  6. Did send a bug report. Hard to tell if I chose the right options for this. Maybe we all should hammer the same inbox for this topic. Any suggestions?
  7. Hallo Paul, thanks for answering that. You can find an product in a subcategory here: https://heckenwerk.squarespace.com/shop/p/deine-mixtur?p the category: https://heckenwerk.squarespace.com/shop/lose-mischungen?p the shop: https://heckenwerk.squarespace.com/shop?p the breadcrump in the first link says: Rauch & Glut > Deine Mixtur according to: shop > product I'm looking forward to get a solution. My crippely work around for now is to have two shops for the two main categories at least – but this brings it's own problems. Also thanks to @jdillagodzilla to also pointing to the topic. edit for clearification of the category structure
  8. I found this script https://www.nichemarket.co.za/blog/nichemarket-advice/breadcrumb-schema-squarespace but it' a lot of work because you'll have to do it for every single page and readjust the script for every single site and item. I didn't follow through so I don't know if it will do it's job … this looks painfull to do if you have more than 5 items listed. But it's said this will also work for events and blog.
  9. Hi, I have the same problem here. As far as I see, products are nested in catagories in my shop. But it won't work. In my opinion this is a basic feature any shop should be able off. So maybe there is a misunderstanding about products being “nested”? Isn't it just enough to give a category in the item's settings? @paul2009 I'd be very happy, if you follow your idea to build a solution 🙂
  10. Thanks for your advice. Solution: Prepaid Visa is said to be accepted.
  11. Thanks for your advice. Solution: So far there are categories and tags for events (and I can create links for them), but no tagcloud. I didn't get the difference by reading the help guide.
  12. Site URL: https://melamint.squarespace.com Dear community, I never needed a creditcard, but now only for paying my squarespace account. My bank offers different kinds of credit cards which cost differently. The best option for me would be a Visacard. But: it's a prepaid-Version. And the supportline of the bank told me, some services don't accept these. How about squarespace? Do they accept Prepaid-Visacards? Would be awesome to spare some bucks. Thanks and kind regards – Mela
  13. Dear community, is this problem unknown or am I failing to make my self understood? English is not my mothertongue, I'd appreciate hints how to make my topic more clear.
  14. Site URL: https://melamint.squarespace.com/veranstaltungen?p Hey dear squarespacers, happy to use squarespace now and I'm about to figure out all the features! But my question: I've created an event-page and two events so far with 4 tags and 2 categories (see screenshot 1) — but when I drop a tagcloud-element on the page it doesn't show any of the tags or categories. There is a field saying (see screenshot 2): “First select one of your pages below: There are no collections available.” (wording may be different, I translated it back from German) But I can see the categories and tags listed in the event options. So what am I doing wrong? Thanks for helping out a beginner. Best wishes and stay save – melamint screenshot 1 screenshot 2
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