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  1. Will it change the autodiscover CNAME record? I know that is also email related
  2. Site URL: https://sunfish-hexaflexagon-4m59.squarespace.com Hello, I want to connect my godaddy domain to squarespace, however I want to know what DNS settings squarespace changes. I have two emails my domain points to so I can have a custom domain, and I want to make sure those email DNS settings aren't changed so my email does not go down.
  3. Site URL: https://sunfish-hexaflexagon-4m59.squarespace.com/ Hello, I want to access my A-record information in my DNS settings for my site. However, the site is not published, and I haven't purchased a domain outside of the default one. Can I access this information? Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have a slideshow at the top of my home page, but there is a giant gap between the top of the slideshow, and my navigation bar. How could I remove this with custom css? I could not find anything on the forums. Pleases see the attached image. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I am ready to transfer my domain from GoDaddy to my squarespace site (which is not up yet). However, I am also paying for a custom email through godaddy for my site. Will that be lost when I make the transfer?
  6. Hello, I have just finished designing my site, and am ready to make it go live. However, my previous site is still up through GoDaddy. There, I have purchased my domain, and have it hosted through cPanel. I want to continue my services with GoDaddy, but just want the domain to link to the SquareSpace site I have created. To my understanding, the best way to do this is by connection my domain. How exactly would I go about doing that? Thanks!
  7. Can I share the site URL if it is not live yet? Also, I use the business plan.
  8. Hello, I currently have my navigation bar setup like this: my site logo is on the far left, and my pages to the right of it. However, I want to add a reversed image of my site logo on the far right, so that my header has a symmetrical look to it. Is there anyway I can do this with custom css or otherwise? Please see attached an image of my header, since my site isn't live. I am looking to add the reversed image to the right of "Store."
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