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  1. Site URL: https://www.haystackd.io/about I'm having an issue with my SS site that I've never seen before and it's driving me crazy (tried everything). It's related to iframe(s) via Google Sheets that have been formatted perfectly until now, and I'd be incredibly grateful for any tips/advice. This issue(s) can be seen at https://www.haystackd.io/about in the "Fast Facts" section and basically, I'm getting blank spaces (looks like a 1px line) to the left of each figure that's listed there. Again, these figures are coming in via iframe from a Google Sheet and for months I've had no issu
  2. Site URL: https://haystackd.squarespace.com/ Hello there- I'm kindly asking for some help formatting the newsletter block for mobile in SquareSpace 7.1. I like the way the block is currently formatted for desktop and it would be great to maintain the same side-by-side positioning of the button and email field in mobile. Despite numerous attempts via CSS, I've had no luck getting the block to remain on a single line when converting to mobile. I've attached an image which shows what I'm ultimately looking to achieve via mobile display below. Thanks! Site URL: https://haystack
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