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  1. Site URL: https://howtousepsychedelics.com I want to use tooltips to further define words. So, when users hover over a word, a tooltip box shows up and a definition of that word is in that box. Is this possible? If so, how? Thank you
  2. Site URL: https://howtousepsychedelics.com I would like to use Amazon One Link on my store, but, I'm not sure how on the squarespace end. I've done everything on the Amazon end. Thank you.
  3. Thank you, but, it didn't work! There is still the missing fading on the words.
  4. Site URL: https://howtousepsychedelics.com So, with some help from people here and the internet, I've managed to animate the header menu items when hovering on each item, including the drop down menu. The animation is a simple fade, but, it really adds to the experience. Anyways, the fade hover animation works perfectly on every single page of the website, EXCEPT the home page. On the home page, there is no fade hover animation. Can someone help me solve this issue? So far, the code I've used include: CSS //Header Font Size .header-nav-item a { font-size:18px !important; } //Stylized Folder Dropdown Menu .header-nav .header-nav-item--folder .header-nav-folder-content .header-nav-folder-item { line-height: 1.6; } //Fix Header for Hover Effect .tweak-transparent-header:not(.header--menu-open) .header-announcement-bar-wrapper.black .header-nav-wrapper a:hover { opacity: .4 } //DropDownMenu Fading .header .header-nav .header-nav-item--folder .header-nav-folder-content { transition: ease-in-out 0.5s; } Thank you for your help and input! Take care.
  5. The spacing between the titles in my drop down menu is too small. I've already made the drop down menu transparent, and now I would like to add a bit more space between the drop down menu items. How can I do this? Thank you
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