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  1. Site URL: https://www.markdanielquintos.com/selected-work Hi, I'd like for the thumbnail images to all load at once, instead of only when I scroll down. Is this possible?
  2. Site URL: https://www.markdanielquintos.com/selected-work Hi, I'd like the images on my page to all load when the page populates, instead of when I have to scroll down. I want them to show up all at once so that users know that there's more to scroll down to.
  3. Got it! Using this: Thanks again, it's hard to learn, but exciting once you figure something new out!
  4. thank you for this, what id? class? would i put in to affect the footer?
  5. Would love to do the footer as well, if you'd be so kind to help me learn!
  6. So I have it set to a link now, by entering this into the tag line section under Logo & Title on the squarespace UI:
  7. Worked perfectly for the title! Tried doing this for the subtitle but didn't work:
  8. Site URL: https://www.markdanielquintos.com Hi, I'm using the Avenue template and am trying to change the size of my titles on mobile. I've tried copying and pasting a couple of other codes I've seen on the forums, but none work. I'm on a personal account, but this seems like something that should be fairly simple to do? Perhaps I'm wrong. Thank you!
  9. So to clarify, with a personal account, I'm only allowed to do SOME custom CSS?
  10. Don't believe so, under plan it says "Personal"
  11. Site URL: https://www.markdanielquintos.com/selected-work Hi, I am using template 'Avenue' and would like for the images that 'slide up' to do so at different times as opposed to all at once. Ideally it'd have a cascade effect. Any way to do this? Thanks!
  12. Site URL: https://www.markdanielquintos.com Hi there, I am using template 'Avenue' (markdanielquintos.com) As of now, when clicking on my name in the site title, it links back to the homepage, which is great. I'd like for the subtitle of 'Cinematographer' to operate the same way. I've been googling for lots of code and have found a way to turn 'Cinematographer' into a link, but when I do so, it hovers as red like the rest of my links, I'd like for it to have no change when hovering over it, as 'Mark Daniel Quintos' is. Any tips? Thanks in advance!
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