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  1. Hi Tuanphan, Can you provide any help with removing the month and date from the blog post? I just want to show the year. Bel
  2. Site URL: https://dog-wrasse-bzts.squarespace.com/selected-projects/victoria-point-foyer Hi Square space forum, How do you remove the month and day from a blog post to only show a year. I have added Java Script to advance settings to add the year but i only want to show the year on a blog post. https://dog-wrasse-bzts.squarespace.com/selected-projects/victoria-point-foyer Thanks!
  3. Hi, thank you except the heading title and categories are still coming up at the bottom of the blog post and not under the first image. Please find link to the blog post. https://dog-wrasse-bzts.squarespace.com/selected-projects/potts-point-foyer Ideally i would like the blog post title to be below the first image. Thank you!!
  4. thanks for this - except now its move the title to the very bottom - please find attached screen shot
  5. article .entry-title { display: none; I am using this code to hide the title for the moment but would ideally like to just move the title and categories below the image.
  6. https://dog-wrasse-bzts.squarespace.com/selected-projects/potts-point-foyer The link is above. It is a blog post and i would like to set the title and categories up for each project with the image as the first thing that comes up. Thank you.
  7. Hi, Can anyone help with moving the blog post title and category meta data below an image? I would like an image to come up as the first thing when you view a blog post. Please find attached a screen shot of how i would like it look - i have just done this in text at the moment and hidden the blog title Thank you
  8. Thank you this worked perfectly! thank you for your time. Bel
  9. Thank you! Except its coming up with a syntax error? Bel
  10. Site URL: https://dog-wrasse-bzts.squarespace.com/ Hi, I want to add this code and style to all of my summary blocks on all pages except for home page. Is there a code i can add that doesn't include the home page. Thank you img.summary-thumbnail-image.loaded:hover { opacity: 0.7; } On all pages except for the home page. Thank you
  11. Can you let me know how to do this for my page - i don't want the summary wall to stack and resize in mobile version. I want it to look like two columns for the mobile as well. https://dog-wrasse-bzts.squarespace.com/
  12. thank you very much, that works perfectly now. You have been so very helpful! Bel
  13. Thank you, except now the white section is coming at the top of the mobile.. see attached image. Is there any way to make that slider full screen on mobile?
  14. I have one more question - is there a way to make that section full screen with on the mobile. It is working perfectly on the desktop and table but now there is a white bar on the bottom of the mobile site. Please find attached image.
  15. you are amazing! thank you 🙂 It worked perfectly.
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