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  1. SOLVED... Paul, thanks for the response. In a different, related, post you mentioned Cloudfare.com and after you replied to this post, though you hadn't mentioned it again, I decided to give Cloudfare a shot. For anyone else who wants to Block Countries in Squarespace this is what I did... 1. I started a FREE Cloudfare account and added my Squarespace website. I had to change the Name Server on Squarespace to complete the process. 2. To do that I went to my Squarespace website then Settings, Domains, clicked on the gray box with my website URL, clicked on the gray box that says
  2. Does any one know a quick and easy way to geo restrict my squarespace website so that I can prohibit access to it from a specific country or even to allow access only from my own country? And do so inexpensively?
  3. I was able to remove the suggested video on Youtube and have my embedded video return to the thumbnail by adding "?rel=0" to the end of my share link. I was not using an embed code. I already had about 8 videos on my site that were showing suggested videos at the end. I didn't delete the videos or the share link. I simply clicked "edit" page, clicked the pencil icon over the video I wanted to remove the suggestion and in the video url I added "?rel=0" to the end. I had to re uncheck the "use custom thumbnail" and then clicked "apply". It worked perfectly!
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