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  1. Oh it's the other way around — I want to remove blue logo when mobile nav open, so it will be only black logo. Thanks for the tip regarding tablet 🙂
  2. Hi @tuanphanHaven't solved this yet, do you have any suggestions? Have tried without any luck, I'm guessing it's beyond my knowledge. I added the code you suggested for tablet, thanks for looking out! I don't have a tablet to check but I'm guessing it's ok
  3. Hi, @bangank36thanks for helping but unfortunately there's still two logos, the blue(replaced page logo) overlapping the black (Nav Menu open). The size and position is perfect with this code tho, but can only see the blue logo when tapping mobile menu while you sense that the black logo is shown behind the blue. Can I make the black logo overlap instead? or remove the blue logo if open mobile menu nav?
  4. Site URL: http://www.deriss.com/film Hi! I want to change the logo color for a specific page (www.deriss.com/film) and change logo color again when tapping the mobile navigation on that page. Right now I successfully managed to change the logo color by uploading new logos in css and referring the urls (the logos looks all the same just color change) Step by step; 1. Replaced logo in a page 2. called another logo on that same page when using mobile nav 3. problem is the replaced logo (1) on the page is still there so now I have two logos overlapping each other.
  5. As of now there's two options for video thumbnail to showcase what's inside that portfolio case. Youtube and Vimeo. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ln183re2yiqgy2k/Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 22.18.50.png?dl=0 There are many other options out there nowadays to host video. I have taking liking of one in particular (Wistia) which has features Youtube and Vimeo doesn't. Video loop thumbnail. As of now I do gifs as thumbnails which is all now poor in quality and large files 5-10 mb in 640px I would like to insert other video formats in particular Wistia, why is it restricted to onl
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