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  1. Agree too. There is no shipping module to ship from Squarespace, no notifications on back end of orders come in, no price show options, FB integration is a crap, I need to redo all items in FB for it to work, no modifications possible on checkout page, not even order of checkout steps. Everywhere I turn, there is something wrong and for me, without coding skills, its few hours of research and frustration and yet, bumping into "pay more". I'm seriously tired of it. I'm ready to scrap it all and start somewhere else.
  2. Hi Paul2009, I have a similar but different situation. I sell tea www.sterlingberry.com I have multiple sizes/types of tea bags of the same product. But on product page it hows only trial size price. Its not the main product, its misleading. Also, when uploading this to Facebook store it takes sample size price. -It would be great to have either drop down or a display of variants and its prices in the same line. -How to display main product price in SHOP main page -How to fix Facebook uploads to show main product price and not sample's Thank you, Tatiana Thank you
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