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  1. Hello Podcasters I have created a limited number of FREE VIP tickets for members of this club. Please register for the event if you are interested. https://podcastfestival.live/squarespace-vip-ticket Thanks Sam
  2. Hello I am a radio presenter (in the UK), a podcaster and run an online podcast festival. I have been doing so for over 2 years. My business and technology podcast website is https://samtalks.technology and my podcast festival - 28th May - https://podcastfestival.live
  3. Hello So my new website https://samtalks.technology has gone live. It is where I host my 80+ podcast interviews with tech entrepreneurs. However I still have to use a seperate video hosting company and podcast host for distribution. Both of these features should be added to SQS and turned into a new revenue stream. I know that it is possible today to host a video/audio file but the limit on both is only 160mb. Most of the audio files are 90 mins long and range between 250MB-350MB and the video files range between 750MB - 1GB. 1. Vimeo. - Video Podcast Hosting Today I
  4. Hello I have just finished my new podcast site on SQS. https://samtalks.technology I decided to change the blog post url to not include the date. I then updated the SEO for the blog post. However the blog post url does not match the SEO url? 1. I google the blog post. The image below shows the previous url included the date in the url slug. I decided to edit the url slug and remove the date. 2. I removed the date in the URL slug. No issue. The old url is now broken but I will wait for Google to reindex. 3. I then updated the SEO by addin
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