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  1. Hey @tuanphan, that's what I have done, my concern is that where the navs place changes based on the size computer you are on... So on my screen it looks great, but when I look at the site on my wife's screen it's overlaid ontop of the logo a bit. Is there any way to "lock" these elements or dictate their spacing off of the logo?
  2. The site is: https://shark-point-b7fl.squarespace.com/ pw: pw1234
  3. Hello @tuanphan! Amazing work as always. Curious if there is a way to "center" the two nav groups on the sides they are on? I'm building a site for a client, changed nth-child to (n+3) to have two pages on either side of the site logo, but curious if there is a way to have those two groups look "centered" on their respective sides? Thanks, all the best.
  4. Site URL: http://equallyempty.com Shot in the dark, but is any one aware of custom CSS or code injunction that can make the Navigation or Page Title of a page appear in the Site Title? Basically, I'm trying to use the Page Title as a default caption which shows up in the Site Title rather than underneath the image.
  5. Site URL: http://www.ybrr.org Hello, So, I'm trying to make a custom header for my blog. This could be a header that differs from the rest of the site —or— a custom header that lives BELOW the site wide navigation header and appears only on the blog. Does this make sense? I'm using 7.1. The blog in question is titled "Interlocutor" on the site nav Advice on the best approaches? Thank you all in advance. -Egon
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