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  1. Hey Paul, I'm moving this site across to square space and am looking for a solution for my product comparison tables https://naturetripper.com/gear-guides/best-fins-for-snorkeling/ How do you think you're table plug in would go with these that need images and layouts?
  2. I'm also trying to insert Google schema to my portfolio pages - which–like blogs–have a single header injection per grouping. Here's the WP page I'm trying to recreate as a SS portfolio page. Here's an anchor link directly to the WP schema FAQ on that page I'm trying to replicate on SS. My workaround would be to create them as pages. The issue I have with that is a bloated back end structure and potential for slug issues. It would be great if SS just added Google schema Blocks. 🙂
  3. Ahh - try inputing the Photoshop HSB values ie. 39, 78, 78. The "L" in LAB is a different colour system, and you can't mix values between colour systems. Photoshop's HSB and SS HSL are very similar so it should work. HSB - Hue Saturation Brightness HSL - Hue Saturation Lightness/Luminosity Also - ensure your Photoshop is set to RGB.... Image > Mode > RGB. If it's set to CMYK bright colours can flatten out. Mads
  4. Hey Derrick, That's awesome - thanks for the detailed info, I didn't actually realise 7.1 are essentially the same family. Based of your info > it's 7.1 I'm after for the blog, so I'll stick to this family and look into faux sidebars to get around that as you suggest. I enjoyed your site btw... photography lessons are great! Thanks again, Mads
  5. Site URL: https://skye-demo.squarespace.com/ Hey all! I'm moving a blogging site across from WordPress. Is there a theme that has sidebar search author block Is the latest version (assume this is best practice - to always use latest versions?) Skye family has these features, but not available in 7 .0 +. Is it being updated? If there is a theme in the pipeline I can hold off, otherwise might need to stick to WP for this one site. Cheers, Madeleine
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