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  1. Amazing - thank you @tuanphan - I have just one last request for help. Is there anyway of hiding the redundant "commas" in the Summary Grid metadata. See image. Speak soon
  2. hi @tuanphan - I was just wondering if you had the chance to looking into this me? Your help is extremely valuable to me. Many thanks
  3. @tuanphan It is the same categories as the overview page (London and South East, South West, The Midlands, North West, North East, Yorkshire and The Humber, East of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland). I would like to remove all the visual metadata relation to areas. @tuanphan - Thanks! I have a business account.
  4. @tuanphan - also having issues with the lone 'commas' from hiding the categories. Thanks again,
  5. Amazing thank you @tuanphan - are you able to help with this page as well? https://www.wedesignhomes.co.uk/practices/gruff-architects
  6. Of course: https://www.wedesignhomes.co.uk/practiceoverview password: designwins01 Thank you
  7. Hi everyone, In the backend of the website, I have add a series of categories to help support the filtering. However, there are only a certain range of categories I wish to display (under titles) in a Summary Basic Grid. Is there a way to black out hide certain category labels? Thanks if your can help 🙂
  8. Thank you for trying - I have tried the code but does not seem to work.
  9. Hi all, Does anyone know of Code or a Plugin that will allow me to reordering Blog Posts alphabetically, or randomly? Many thanks
  10. Thank you. In that case - are you aware of code that allows me to reorder Blog Posts alphabetically?
  11. Hi all, Is there a way of adding category and tag functionality to portfolio page settings? The are not available on current template - only for Blogs. thanks
  12. Hi all I really like the ability to be able to tag and categories pages, but cannot do this in portfolio pages. If i use the Blog Post and strip of all blog features (time, author etc.) -will the negatively effect SEO? Thanks
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