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  1. Password is: designwins01 I am looking to remove the whole functionality.
  2. Site URL: http://www.wedesignhomes.co.uk Hi all, Does anyone know how to remove the Blog Pagination located at the bottom of each blog page? I will be replacing the navigation with a similar post 'summary' grid. Many thanks
  3. Afternoon chaps - I was just wondering if your were able to provide any insight into the above? Many many thanks Dean
  4. @ryandejaegher - I've just tested @tuanphan's code and it now works! 🙂 I have one other question that you may be able to help with ... I implemented the code from May 26 allowing be to hide the Categories relating to location. However, it only seems to work for the first 30 posts and the 'location' categories appear on the older posts. Can this be overcome? i.e. see below:
  5. Hi @ryandejaegher - I have hidden some categories from page view, as they are for filtering purposes only - however, the separators are still visible. So i am looking to remove the redundant commas. May code to replace with a double could be the answer?
  6. Thank you @tuanphan - but the code does not seem to be working. Do you think i may need to get a coder in to take a more details look?
  7. Hi @tuanphan - Thanks again for all your help. I have implemented the coding you suggested for hiding the location categories, however, in some of the posts the code does not seem to work? (see picture). Any thoughts? Just a reminder website is https://www.wedesignhomes.co.uk/practiceoverview password: designwins01 Thank you again for your help.
  8. Hi @tuanphan - Thanks. What would be the code be for hiding "," in particular sections or pages?
  9. Amazing - thank you @tuanphan - I have just one last request for help. Is there anyway of hiding the redundant "commas" in the Summary Grid metadata. See image. Speak soon
  10. hi @tuanphan - I was just wondering if you had the chance to looking into this me? Your help is extremely valuable to me. Many thanks
  11. @tuanphan It is the same categories as the overview page (London and South East, South West, The Midlands, North West, North East, Yorkshire and The Humber, East of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland). I would like to remove all the visual metadata relation to areas. @tuanphan - Thanks! I have a business account.
  12. @tuanphan - also having issues with the lone 'commas' from hiding the categories. Thanks again,
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