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  1. Site URL: http://www.theversion.co Hi I'd like to be able to put a coloured block behind blog header text on all of my blog posts. I did see one method of doing this but it didn't work. Has anyone got css code that works in 7.1 please? Thanks
  2. Site URL: http://www.theversion.co Hi im trying to get adsense ads to show on my site in amp mode. They normally show but they're not doing so in amp mode. In Advanced - header code injection i've put the first bit of code adsense gave me and then in Blogging - Advanced - Page Code Injection, I've put the other bit of code. If anyone can help i'd be v.grateful. Thank you.
  3. Ah, so I have to add a block to every single blog page? I thought I just needed to paste it in custom CSS and that was it
  4. Thanks but none of it is working. I'll have to remove all my css and try again tomorrow. Thanks though.
  5. Thank you, tried this too and it's not working.
  6. Thank you and please can you confirm where I paste this? I have tried pasting it in Page Header and also Post Blog Item Code and neither work for me.
  7. Site URL: http://theversion.co Hi, I've founded about 3 different versions of code on forums to house the previous and next post buttons at the bottom of blogs... But none of them work! Can anyone help me out please?
  8. Hi I'm trying to use media.net advertising on my site. I uploaded the ads.txt file as per instructions but its not working. Media.net say when the try the ads.txt url on my site it downloads the file instead of opens it. With adsense, it did just the same and wasn't an issue. I dont understand what I'm meant to do.
  9. Thank you Tuanphan, I think I have resolved it however.
  10. Hi I know i can add in a manual sidebar using spacers in my blogposts (using the Rally template). Is there css code to enable me to add this sidebar into every blog post page on my site? If not, I have to do it manually every time.
  11. Hi I would like to embed a piece of html code into the header of my site, so i can have a music widget playing. Is it possible to do this please? Thanks
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