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  1. No, sorry I had to redesign my products to fit the system which is far from satisfactory.
  2. I have just realised there is an arbitrary limit of 3 to how many options you can import/export. Of course I have a product with 4. Does this mean that I 1) have to manually add the 32 new products with the very clunky web interface? 2) won't be able to bulk update this product in any useful way? ( If I remove the additional option, I get errors about duplicates) This will pretty much make product management impractical. Does anyone have a useful work around?
  3. + 1 for this. Custom cakes have too many options to cover with variations, so am looking to chain several products into the same order - eg: Base type -> Icing Icing variations->decorations. But I still need the product form to capture stuff like piped messages, filling flavors etc.
  4. I have to say I find this amazing. Most of the world use a different format to this, I am so regretting letting my daughter talk me in to moving to squarespace. Not only does this look completely unprofessional on my site, we have already had our first disaster where an order for the 3rd of February was entered as the 2nd of March. Please fix this - and the phone format (I simply can't use that field) ASAP.
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