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  1. Dates are currently represented as below (current -> expected) Aug 8 -> aug 8 August 13, 2019 -> 13 augusti 2019 8/13/2019 -> 2019-08-13 7:00 PM -> 19:00
  2. I'm referring to any location where dates and/or time is presented. Blog posts, events etc. In short I would like to be able to set the global format for date and time for the whole site. Workarounds in JavaScript targeting individual templates doe not look very appealing. Not because I can't code, but because its...a workaround for something that is incomplete or broken. I currently have a test site that is locked down to a colleague and myself, but I guess you get my point without a link.
  3. I'm surprised that changing country in the region settings for a site keeps the default US date and time format. Are there any plans to add custom date formats or to adhere to the international ISO 8601 standard for date and time? Not being able to use YYYY-MM-DD for dates or 24 hour time format without AM/PM is currently a no-go for transferring or creating Swedish sites to Squarespace. Is there a hidden solution to this anywhere that I have missed?
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