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  1. Did they remove the gallery block function in 7.1? Can't seem to find it anywhere except on blog pages for some reason.
  2. Site URL: https://www.jazzmaastricht.com Love to hear what you think of my client's new website I made for them. English version: https://en.jazzmaastricht.com/
  3. I'm encountering the same issues with the website of a client. This has to be fixed asap as it really impacts SEO!
  4. Thank you! It's a good solution for now. Might transfer everything to Shopify, definitely the better option for e-Commerce.
  5. I know Squarespace, for who knows what reason, still refuses to support iDeal. However I'm wondering if anyone has found a solution to this ridiculous problem? Perhaps through a Shopify account or an external payment process. Anything would help.
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